Automation Industry in India - Scenario

Industry automation is becoming an important part of the Indian industrial sector on account of the rising efforts to make manufacturing processes more efficient and reduce defect rates. Factory automation is proving to be a huge success in the Indian market due to extensive use of new and improved technologies for producing better products. Automation systems with advanced features are being deployed in all the major sectors such as automotive, chemicals, manufacturing, and mining, etc., to perform a number of complex tasks and consistently provide customers with superior quality products. The installation of advanced communication networks is also facilitating in optimizing workflow in production facilities. Further, growing adoption of energy saving control equipment such as energy efficient motor systems, is also anticipated to propel the adoption of factory automation in India in the coming years.

Market size

The capital goods and engineering turnover in India is estimated to have reached US$ 125.4 billion by FY17.
Engineering exports from India grew 16.81 per cent to US$ 76,204.38 million in FY18 from US$ 65,239.19 million in FY17.
During FY08–FY18, engineering exports from India registered growth at a CAGR of 8.50 per cent
Engineering exports include transport equipment, capital goods, other machinery/equipment and light engineering products such as castings, forgings and fasteners.

Inflow of foreign investments

The government’s increasing focus on attracting foreign investors in manufacturing and Infrastructure is likely to boost FDI in the sector
The government’s increasing focus on attracting foreign investors in manufacturing and Infrastructure is likely to boost FDI in the sector.
FDI inflows includes Automobile industry, Electrical equipment, Miscellaneous ,mechanical and engineering industry, Industrial machinery, Machine tools, Agriculture, machinery, Earth-moving machinery and Industrial instrument
India exports its engineering goods mostly to the US and Europe, which accounts for over 60 per cent of the total exports. Recently, India's engineering exports to Japan and South Korea have also increased with shipments to these two countries rising by 16 and 60 per cent respectively.

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The opportunities in automation sector in India across various verticals are growing multifold. Increasing population, present lower per capita consumption and increasing purchasing power is driving the demand upwards. Whereas on one hand, the opportunities are on account of additional capacities being put in place to meet growing demand. On the other hand, the level of automation, which is relatively low in India as compared to global standards, itself is being redefined upwards. Over all, the environment is very much encouraging for automation industry in India. Automation industry in India is approximately Rs. 12,000 crore and has a potential to grow by 15-20 per cent given the existing capacity addition in infrastructure, energy and other sectors.

Experience all relevant key technologies at a single location

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Assembly and handling technology (Integrated assembly solutions)

Assembly stations and systems, including for specific fields of application • Equipment for storage, ordering, sorting and feeding
• Equipment for linking and transport • Components for linking and transportation equipment • Equipment for fastening and joining
• Equipment for marking • Test systems • Basis and construction elements • Manual workplace systems • Workplace equipment
• Packaging units • Surface treatment

Industrial robots

Industrial robots by type of design: gantry robots, SCARA robots, vertically articulated robots, articulated robots, parallel link robots, micro robots, special designs • Industrial robots for specific applications • Components for robot systems: jigs and fixtures, tool-changing systems, measurement systems, peripherals

Professional service robotics

Service robots for professional applications such as field robots, cleaning, inspection, construction and demolition, logistics, medicine, safety/security, underwater, mobile robot platforms and humanoid robots • Key technologies and components for perception, navigation, manipulation and man-machine interaction

Machine vision

Measuring systems for machine vision • Components for machine vision • Machine vision for specific applications • Embedded vision systems

Positioning systems

Modules • Grippers • Clamping and stop devices • Pneumatic positioning systems • Pneumatic feed and stroke-feed units
• Pneumatic micro positioning systemss

Drive technology

Drive systems for bearings • Linear guides • Linear motion drive elements and systems • NC-controlled rotation and linear aces
• Gears • Industrial motors, motor controls, motor protection devices • Special drives • Multiple-axes systems

Sensor technology

Proximity and position switches • Rotary encoders • Sensors for linear displacement, distance and thickness • Force torque sensors • Optoelectronic sensors • Ultrasonic sensors • RFID systems • Micro-sensors • Pneumatic measuring apparatus
• Pneumatic pressure switches • Accessories

Control system technology and industrial communication

Electronic controls • Mechanical controls (cam-controlled) • Pneumatic controls • CNC control systems • Freely programmable controls • Industrial PCs • Monitors • BUS systems • Bus terminals • Components for field-bus systems • Valve islands • Servo controllers • Hand-held programmers and operator terminals • CPU cards • Power supply units • Display and operating equipment • Electrical components for controls • Industrial enclosures and control cabinets • Data transmission via wireless or mobile communication • Optical data transmission • Wireless data transmission • Remote maintenance and diagnostic systems • Systems for machine-to-machine communication (M2M) • Systems for human-machine interfaces

Safety and security technology

Mechanical and electro-mechanical safety devices • Safety-related control systems • Safety-related control sensor technology
• Safety-related control communications technology • Safety-related control drive systems • Safety-related control software

Supply technology

Carrier and hose carrier systems • Cable protection systems • Cable and tube bushings • Electrical power supply • Compressed air supply • Ventilation technology and extraction systems • Components for ventilation technology and extraction systems
• Vacuum technology • Hydraulic supply

Software and cloud computing

Software for robotics, assembly and handling technology • Software for machine vision • Software for the smart factory • Cloud computing • Big data applications • Software for IT security

Services and service providers

Engineering • Consulting • Planning • Feasibility studies • Simulations • CAD/CAM services • Optimizing existing systems
• Integration into IT topologies • Programming • Robot calibration • Training courses • Maintenance • Mechanical, electrical services, etc. • Condition monitoring • Certification • Other services from management consultancies, trade associations, publishers, etc.

Research and technology

Industrial automation • Industrial robotics • Service robotics • Mechanical and plant engineering • Transportation and logistics
• Electrical engineering • Information transmission and communication • Microtechnology • Nanotechnology • Optical technologies
• Medical technology • Energy and the environment • Materials • Physics • Fiber composite technology • Battery technology


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