Welding is a crucial technique for the joining of materials in the Nation’s major manufacturing industries. Welding, the fusing of the surfaces of two work pieces to form one is a precise, reliable, cost-effective and “high-tech” method for joining materials. No other technique is as widely used by manufactures to join metals and alloys efficiently and to add value to their products. Most of the familiar objects in modern society, from buildings and bridges, to vehicles and medical devices, could not be produced without the use of welding. WELDING goes well beyond the bounds of its simple description.

The Welding Industry consists of the “users” of welding techniques as well as the companies and other organisations that provide the equipment, materials, processes and support services for welding. All Industries look for improvements in their operations according to the future requirements.

In India, welding contributes significantly to the GDP in several ways, such as welding intensive industies, auxillary products, complementarly goods, employment and user industries. Welding is one of the major manufacturing processes and employs a large variety of material for fabrication of a large range of goods. In the welding industry, welding consumables have a significant share as compared to welding services and welding equipment. Estimates from a recent market study report by Transparencey Market Research (TMR) project the welding consumables market in India to be valued at US$45.37 billion by 2020.


Welding today is applied to a wide variety of materials and products, using such advanced technologies as lasers and plasma arcs. The Future of the welding holds even greater promise as methods are devised for joining dissimilar and non-mettalic materials and for creating products of innovative shapes and designs. The welding equipment market is solely proportation to the growth of the fabrication industries, which consist of automobile, construction equipment, railways, ship building, transport, power and other core industrial sectors. Robust expansion of the shipbuilding, construction equipment, railways, ship building, transport power and other core industrial sectors. Robust expansion of the shipbuilding, construction and energy, particularly wind power sector will underline strong growth of the Indian welding marke over the mediom and lomg tern, Ther compertion is exlpected to become mre ans more aggressivemess in this segment with International brands putting up their manufacturing facilities in India.

Indian is considered as one of the most potential markets for welding products. Welding operation is most critical operation of any manufacturing process, and quality of welding has direct impact on quality of final product. Joining technology is an integral part of the manufacturing process and effort has been spent to develop and demonstrate the suitability of various preocesses for application into both design and structureal fabrication.

This event is a new platform of new welding equipments, products, consumables and innovative joining technologies will underline a strong grwoth of the Indian welding market in long term.



Space Rental:

Area Member (per sq.m.) Non Member (per sq.m.) Overseas (USD)
Indoor Raw (Minimum 36 sq.m.)  8000  8500  270
Indoor Build Up (Minimum 9 sq.m.)  9000  9500  290
Outdoor Build Up (Minimum 36 sq.m.)  6000  6500  160

*Electricity charges and Taxes Extra



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